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Today i want to share about jpos deploy directory structure and give some tips how to use organize the directory.
first thing, deploy directory is used when we are using Q2. Deploy directory is directory where we place the QBean object, QBean can be QServer, logger, QMUX, ChannelAdaptor, or a class that extend the QBeanSupport class.

We may deploy multiple server and mux on single instance, and when there are many QBean object we need to deploy, so there will be many xml files we deployed. The jpos Q2 will scan the files every 2.5 sec, and check the modified date. If the modified date is changing, Q2 will redeploy the Qbean Object, Therefore it’s important to organize the xml file to be deployed.

There are important information about deploy directory that not included in jpos programmer guide, that we can place another directory to place the xml files. So for example, if you have three QServer to be deployed for each server to different project, so we can organize the deploy directory like this:


  • 00_logger.xml
  • 99_system_monitor.xml
    • 01_server.xml
    • 11_callback_channel.xml
    • 21_callback_mux.xml
    • 01_server.xml
    • 02_custom_qbean.xml
    • 01_server.xml

another concern is the xml filename, we can give maximum three digit number in front of filename (xxx_element_name.xml), where smaller three digit number will first be scanned byQ2.

Thats it my post about jPOS jPOS Deploy Directory Structure Tips thanks for coming my site. You can send me message if you just want to ask about jPOS, or Hire me here šŸ˜€

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